MFBC promotional video

Here is the promotional video I made for the Manitoba Filipino Business (MFBC) 2013 Awards Gala. It runs for 3 minutes and 45 seconds. As I mentioned in this post, Jackie Doming asked me to make a promotional video for the MFBC.

After the teaser, I made the promotional video. It took me three consecutive days to finish the video. I didn’t finish it in 72 hours straight, because I had school assignments and work.

Again, thanks to the MFBC and Jackie Doming for making this happen.

MFBC teaser video

A month-and-a-half ago, Jackie Doming asked me to make a promotional video for the upcoming Manitoba Filipino Business Council (MFBC) 2013 Awards Gala. Here is the result. Well, just a teaser of the promotional video.

Jackie sent me the script and arranged the filming dates with all the interviewees (aka the MFBC members). We shot the interviews in two separate days. It was tough to set a date because we were all busy–the members are all business owners/day jobs, Jackie has a job, and I’m a student and an employee too. But Jackie made all the filming happen, so I wanted to thank her. I edited the one-minute teaser video in two days. In those two days, I also had classes to go to, assignments to do, and work. (In case you were wondering, today was the second day.)

I decided to make a teaser/gala invitation aside from the promotional video. Instead of putting the interviews (which would be in the promotional video anyway), I put the bloopers because I wanted to show the members’ personalities. I wanted the audience to see the members’ real selves aside from the professional selves that they portray. I wanted to make them more human and personal.

Let me know what you think about the video.

Paterson GlobalFoods Institute opens doors

I wasn’t too busy the beginning of second semester first year so I decided to try to write for The Projector again. This is a quote from the story but here’s the link of the full article: Paterson GlobalFoods Institute opens doors.

“This is a phenomenal building. Similar to The Roblin Centre, it’s a unique blend of historic preservation and cutting-edge environmental ef- ficiency measures,” said manager of sustainability Sara MacArthur. “Not only is it going to be reduc- ing energy consumption and water consumption compared to a standard building of the same size, you’re also enhancing the social sustainability of the city by breathing life back into a building that used to be vacant for years.”

Published on January 21, 2013 – Volume 46, Number 10

Shelters provide for homeless during winter

This is another article that I wrote for The Projector, Red River College’s student newspaper, not for an assignment, but because I was interested in it. I took this story because poverty and homelessness is important to me. I grew up in a city where I see children on the streets asking for food or money. I grew up in a corrupt country, where there is a visible social divide.

I posted quotes from the story but the full article is here: Shelters provide for homeless during winter

“You can’t sleep outside at 40 below. You just can’t,” said Judy Richichi,  director of communications for Siloam Mission. “It’s bitter, it’s cold, and it’s very lonely when you’re in those conditions.”

Published on December 3, 2012 – Volume 46, Number 8

RRC throws international students welcome party

This assignment was for first year Journalism class. I wrote this article for The Projector, Red River College’s student newspaper. I could relate to this story and the students I interviewed because they’re immigrants like myself.

This quote is from the story this is the full article: RRC throws international students welcome party.

Lauren Konrad, the student integration co-ordinator at RRC, said some immigrant students can struggle to get connected to the campus community.

“The welcome party is the college’s way to ease that transition and to ensure that everyone is enjoying their time at Red River College,” said Konrad.

Gemma Elomina is glad to have survived the challenge of going back to school in a new country.

“Now it seems like a small problem,” she said. “My family motivates me to work hard. You have to work hard if you really want something. And I have friends I met here who support me.”

Published on November 19, 2012 – Volume 46, Number 7

Why blog?

Because I need one. My other blog is too personal to make it formal and professional. Believe me, I tried. It just didn’t look right. So here it is.

However, this is not just a blog. This is a website. This is where I talk about TV, films, music, and life.